Best Shopify Apps 2020

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Shopify Apps For Your Store

Right out of the box, there is (almost inarguably) no eCommerce platform that outshines Shopify in simplicity. Designed with a less experienced individual in mind, this eCommerce store builder makes it easy to start and run your online business without doing a lot.

Apart from the simplicity of getting started, this platform boasts of multiple apps that make it possible to do anything you want from uploading products, tracking orders to rewarding customers. You will never get your hands tied. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the best Shopify apps to increase sales that you can leverage to amplify your bottom line. Most of these apps are top recommendations from e-store builder itself and buyer reviews. If you are still new to eCommerce platforms, check out our exhaustive guide on Shopify review to learn how the store works and what it offers.

The Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales And Engagement

Here are the top Shopify store apps that many online businesses are using to ramp up their sales:

Best Shopify Apps For Marketing 

Email marketing is an essential part of every business-whether online or offline based. This channel allows you to reach out to new clients with new offers, run promotions and recommend products. Email marketing is also a solid eCommerce retargeting tool.

Assuming you already have a list of subscribers (or are intending to get one), you can resort to the following eCommerce email marketing tools:



Price: starts at $49 per month

Free trial: Not available

Best use: email list building

Email marketing begins with lead generation tools like OptinMonster because without emails, there is no one to market to. 

So how does OptinMonster work? It asks a client to live their email addresses through exit-intent pop-ups, targeted promotions, inactivitySensor and retargeting campaigns. For instance, you can get customers to opt-in a promotion by offering free shipping, discounts and other freebies.

Thanks to its advanced features, optinMonster serves as one of the best Shopify apps to boost eCommerce conversions. It allows you to retarget virtually every page of your store. But that’s not all. It’s very easy to learn how to integrate OptinMonster with Shopify. Just to be clear, there is no coding involved.



Price: it varies depending on your number of subscribers. The basic plan begins at $10/month for 1000 subscribers.

Free trial: yeah, 15 days.

Best use: list building and email automation

Email marketing is more than collecting subscribers and scheduling emails. There is collecting smart insight like how many of your customers opened the emails, how many replied and when you should be sending another correspondence. Now, when you are thinking of graduating to powerful email marketing tools, you may want to start with Omnisend.

Omnisend is a powerful eCommerce email automation tool that helps you build email lists and send engaging emails. Thanks to omnichannel automation, you can create sophisticated marketing workflows that extend to social media platforms.

This email tool features drag and drop builder for customizing your campaigns effortlessly without having to add a line of HTML code. Do you love smart insights? Well, who doesn’t? This tool comes with smart segmentation for razor-sharp targeting to ensure your message delivers the best punch.



Price: $79/per month

Free trial: 14 days

Best use: email list building, cart abandonment recovery, and more

Launching an eCommerce store is easy thanks to Shopify and BigCommerce’s fluid integrations. But the real headache begins when you are looking for buyers or put simply, how to grow your business. This is where Sumo comes in.

Sumo is an all-round eCommerce growth tool for email list building, reducing cart abandonment, increasing average order values and converting passersby into buyers. Through Sumo Shortcuts, this tool lets you set certain parameters that trigger conversion moves while you attend to other businesses. 

For instance, if you have preset conditions for incentives, this tool will immediately start to monitor buyers. If anyone shows signs of bouncing off, it proposes a discount or any other strategic incentive that would make them complete the purchase. It’s one of the best eCommerce marketing tools to get.

Conversio (Campaign Monitor)


Price: Depends on the conversion emails sent. The minimum rate is $20 per month 

Free trial: yeah, 30 good days

Best use: sending automated newsletters, abandoned cart recovery emails, follow up emails

Conversio (previously called Receiptful) is purely an email marketing automation tool for sending all sorts of promotional emails. You are definitely going to need this tool because every eCommerce business encounters customers who abandon their cart.

There are so many reasons for shopping cart abandonment but that doesn’t mean your client is gone for good. Using Conversio, you can send them an automated email that can successfully get them back to complete their purchase.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Like OptinMonster and OptinMonk, Conversio is an all-round conversion optimization tool that can handle a lot. When you get a new client, this tool auto generates a receipt with a unique voucher that offers them a discount on the next sell. Cool, huh? If they don’t come back, it will send reminder emails.

This Shopify store app also handles upselling and cross-selling. To improve social proof, it allows you to send your reviews straight to clients via email which builds your reputation.



Price: pricing starts at $29/month

Free Trial: Yes, in the form of the first 250 free emails

Best use: email automation and discount popups

Klaviyo provides you with a very powerful package for email marketing automation at business-level speeds. One-click integrates Klaviyo with your Shopify store and you can easily set up autoresponders, such as an email about abandoned carts, welcome emails, follow-ups on order and so on. 

Besides emailing, you can also use it for discounts and other conversion popups. The app is free to download and the first 250 emails are free. 

There are multiple eCommerce email marketing tools that you can integrate with Shopify to simplify your marketing efforts. Other recommendable options include Supercharged Store Emails, ContactPigeon, SmartrMail, Metrilo, MailChimp, Hubspot, SendinBlue, Happy Email and Privy. Pick one that meets most of your demands.

Best Shopify Apps for Search Engine Optimization

You cannot-even for a second- downplay the essence of SEO on your Shopify store. While the platform comes pretty much optimized for visibility, there are some apps that can propel you to the best search engine positions. Here are the top SEO apps for Shopify store:

Plug in SEO

C:\Users\MUSMART\Pictures\Plug in.png

Price: $20/month

Free trial: yes, 7 days

Best use: Fixing SEO issues-Speed, broken links, etc

Plug In SEO is an app that shows you at a glance if there are any SEO problems with your site that need to be fixed. Some of these problems could be broken links and slow speeds. Other functions of this tool include Meta title and Meta description fine-tuning, blog optimization, and extra keyword tools.

This tool smoothly integrates with Shopify and is constantly updated for relevance. Is it effective? Well with over a thousand reviews and a stellar rating, it surely does deliver remarkable results.

SEO Image Optimizer

Price: Pro plan starts at $24.99/month

Free trial: Yes, there is a free plan

Best use: Image optimization

Quick question; what the second most used search engine after Google? Google Images. That’s right. This brings us to the next question; are your images optimized for search engines? If they are not, then you are missing out on huge free amounts of traffic.

eCommerce is a business that thrives on images. So by leveraging tools like SEO Image Optimizer, you can push your images further to the top of the search results. Here is the best part; this tool actually works on autopilot as you go about your business. 

SEO image optimizer free plan offers alt-text optimization and unlimited image sync. Pro plan comes with Meta tag optimization, broken URL redirections so you don’t have to worry about broken links, and target keyword phrases for images. This tool has a massive number of glowing reviews-over 4500k to be precise. 

SEO Manager

Price: $20/month

Free trial: the first 7 days

Best use: Managing SEO

Image optimization will most-assuredly take you places on the search engine but it is merely a part of a cohesive SEO strategy. If you are looking for a powerful SEO tool that can accomplish more than image optimization, then you need SEO Manager.

As a supercharged app, SEO Manager comes with a scanner that checks for all the existing SEO issues, Keyword suggestions, Meta content tools, search analytics and much more. For instance, through JSON structured data, it gives Google your store info in the way it understands so you can be ranked better.

Not aware of the 404 errors that are getting in the way of free traffic? SEO Manager can identify and fix them. There are over 20 features on this tool that you can use to boost your eCommerce SEO score. 

Bulk Image Edit

Price: Starts at $9.99/month

Free trial: Free plan exists

Best use: Image optimization

Speed is of the essence when it comes to eCommerce success. In fact, the eCommerce model is for impatient, comfort-loving buyers who want things to happen in a snap. If your page takes considerably longer to load, you are going to have massive bounce rates.

Bulky images is on the list of the things that throttle your eCommerce pages load and ultimately lead to poor rankings. Things can get nasty if those images are user-unfriendly and not properly tagged with the best keywords. If you are in this problem, then get yourself Bulk Image Edit. It will resize those big photos for you and tag them appropriately for better SEO standing.

Bulk Image Edit works not only on eCommerce images but those from social media as well. You could have it watermark the photos with your branding.

ALT Text

C:\Users\MUSMART\Pictures\Alt text.png

Price: $1.99/month

Free trial: No

Best use: automatically add Alt text to images

Image optimization is essential in online ventures. To make sure your images pop-up in search engines, you must describe them via Alt texts. You need the Alt Text tool for that purpose. 

Basically, ALT Text generates the ALT text for the images in your store automatically. This will be based on a specified parameter set and is designed to drive more traffic your way from the search engines. You only need $1.99 per month to get rolling. 

There over 80 SEO apps for Shopify in the platform’s store. Out of all of them, SEO Image Optimizer is the most top-rated with almost 5k positive reviews. This means you might want to start with it. Other options with glamorous reviews include SEO Booster, TinyIMG SEO Image Optimizer, SEO Image Optimizer Pro, Smart SEO and many more.

Best Shopify Apps for Payment Plans

If you sell high-end products, probably $500 plus, not all customers will be able to fetch such huge sums upfront. There are also subscription plans that necessitate recurring payments. So without flexible payment tools, your customers will turn away and this will dip your conversions. 

Rather than lose a customer, you can resort to the best Shopify payment plan apps that offer flexible options. Here are a couple of those tools: Payment Plans

Price: charged per transaction (5%+$0.30) per transaction

Free trial: the tool is free to install

Best use: offering flexible payment plans

If you want to offer your clients flexible payment plans so they can make purchases, you need Payment Plans. When your client picks a checkout option and payment plan, this tool will automatically adjust the product’s price to a lower value.

If a customer agrees to your preset qualification terms, the product and its scheduled payment will be auto-added to your admin panel. What about credit card scammers? Well, helps you avoid them by providing credit expiry alerts. Not everything is automated; you can make the changes manually.

ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions

Price: $15.95/month

Free trial: 3 days

Best use: for subscription payments

If you offer services or products with recurring payments or subscriptions, then you must look into ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions. This tool allows you to offer different subscription plans (monthly, weekly, etc.) with discounts attached.

This tool further allows for automatic invoicing of clients rather than billing. This is because invoicing is flexible and can be fulfilled via multiple payment channels. It is ideal for digital, recurrent, software, coffee, rental, magazines and other types of subscriptions.

Best Customer Loyalty Apps for Shopify

You’ve from the movies what loyalty can do, right? In the eCommerce world, customers who are emotionally connected to your business offer almost unending value to your business. But to get to that, you need customer loyalty programs. Here are a few top Shopify loyalty apps that you can use to reward customers:


Price: starts at $50

Free trial: available up to 500 members

Best use: rewarding customers

One of the hottest customer loyalty tools with thousands of users is It lets you award customers with points for every purchase or referral. They already have pre-made templates that you need to modify with your offers-no coding needed. 

What’s more, it’s free for 500 customers which gives you no excuse not to try them. Oh, and if you run an offline business, you can still use it as it integrates with Shopify POS. 

Referral Candy

Price: $49/month

Free trial: 30 days

Best use: referral marketing, customer rewards

Referral Candy presents you with multiple professional ways to reward your customers and improve both sales and engagements. The app’s interface is fully customizable offering you full control over how and where your offers show up.

By integrating with MailChimp, this tool allows you to use email marketing to further entice people to market your store. 

Apart from these two loyalty app tools, other reliable options include LoyaltyLion, Swell, Marsello (combines with email automation) and 

Best Shopify Apps for Product Reviews/Social Proof

No one trusts shops, products or services that have no reviews. Customer reviews heavily influence buying decision-90% of the time. So if you don’t have them and your competitor has, then you are losing out.

Here are a few tools that can help you get or share glowing customer reviews:


Price: Both free & premium packages exist. The lowest subscription is $29 per month

Free trial: There is already a free version

Best use: for improving social proof

Yotpo is a useful app that helps you easily generate reviews for your products. You can then go ahead to share them on your social media platforms or smack them on your homepage or product pages to help drive more traffic and more potential sales. 

This tool is free to install, but there are priced plans available for premium business customers. 


Price: from $9.99

Free trial: 14 days

Best use: improving social proof by posting photo reviews

One of the hottest product review tools with ultra-gleaming customer reviews is Loox. This app collects photo reviews from your clients on autopilot through emails. It allows you to incentive the requests so you for better chances of getting affirmative replies.

Pretty much everything from installation to importing reviews happens on autopilot. The app is also fully customizable to allow you to decide where or how the photo reviews are to be posted-sliding carousels, review sidebar or pop-ups. It integrates with PushOwl, Klaviyo, Recart and many more.

Best Shopify Apps For Sales and Conversions

Here’s a stupid question; what’s the one reason you are reading this article? To learn how to fix your store’s problems and make huge sales. Yes, that’s right. As such, you will need several sales and conversions tools that help you nudge customers to press “add to cart”. Here are some of those apps; 

Edit Order

Price: $29/month

Free trial: 14 days

Best Use: Editing customer orders

Edit Order is designed to help you edit completed orders, which means altering orders that were placed incorrectly (wrong size, wrong color, etc.). You can also change billing addresses, and order prices, as well as streamlining your policy for returns. 

When you perform order edits, the new one will be a “save as” and automatically cancels the previous order. The app was featured in Forbes as one of the best Shopify apps to have. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you will change your mind.


Price: $4.99/month

Free trial: 30 days

Best Use: allows customers to edit, cancel or reorder

Orderify gives your customers better control over what they purchase. They can edit their orders, cancel them (provided they haven’t been shipped) and even reorder previous purchases very easily, leading to happier customers and more sales. 

The essence of this app is to minimize customers from contacting you-which is time-wasting when they can handle some problems from their end. This tool streamlines customer experiences resulting in higher conversions. Even though it has assuring reviews, you still have a generous free trial period to test it.

Google Shopping Feed

Price: starts at $4.99

Free trial: 21 days

Best use: Google shopping

Google Shopping is one of the in-house apps that help you to up your sales without too much effort. It works by automating the way you list products on Google Shopping or the way they are listed as Product Listing Ads. 

Once you connect it, the app syncs your store automatically with the Google Merchant Center, allowing listings to be updated from right within Shopify. The app is free to install, but there may be additional charges. 

Persistent Cart

Price: $3.99/month

Free trial: yeah, 30 days

Best use: Takes the cart with the customer across all devices

Persistent Cart is easy to install and can save sales for you. If a customer leaves your site without going through checkout, the app will save their cart. That cart will then be available, exactly as it was, when they come back, even if they are using a different device. 

As one of the apps that got the attention of Forbes and is superbly rated, it is worth to have it so you can ramp up your sales. There is a free version of the app, but it doesn’t offer anywhere near the features of the paid app.

Best Shopify Apps For Messaging/Chat

Gone are the days when customers had to wait long for replies. As we said before, eCommerce buyers are very impatient and it’s for a good reason. When you are buying something, it’s essential to get answers or concerns clarified right away. Prompt replies reduce bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment.

Here are the best Messenger apps on Shopify you can use for chatting:

Tidio Live Chat

Price: $15/month

Free trial: free plan exists

Best use: customer support

Tidio is a live chat marketing and customer support tool for providing instant replies. You can configure it with automated responses so it can serve your clients even when you are closed for the day. The beauty of this chat tool is that it replies to everything (email, messenger messages, live chat queries, etc.) from one place.

Albeit basic in nature, Tidio can help you keep your customers satisfied “one hunnid”. Take advantage of the free plan to see how things go.

Chatra Live Chat+ Facebook

Price: $24/month or $216 per year (billed at $18/month)

Free trial: free forever plan

Best use: customer support

With hundreds of positive reviews on Shopify, Chatra stands to be one of the best customer support tools for replying to live chat and Facebook messages. It’s also a double-edged sword that collects actionable insight by helping you know your most valuable clients.

Other features of this tool include real-time visitor list, live typing insight, group chats, messenger integration and targeted triggers. You can use it on both desktop and mobile.

You are not limited to these two. Other valuable options are Facebook Chat 2.0, Live Chat, Messenger Channel, Facebook Live Chat, WAShare+Chat and many more. Most of these tools can integrate with Slack, Zendesk, Zopim, Zapier and Front.

Improved Contact Form

Price: $12 month

Free trial: there is a free plan

Best use: customer support

Having a “contact us” page is mandatory for many stores. But to do that, you might need to do some coding or edit themes. With Improved Contact Form you can create a contact form that pops up in your store, telling you the location of the customer and which pages they looked at before they made contact with you. 

You can choose the “contact us” page to pop up on all the pages of your site or just a few. Its design is responsive and there is a built-in bot for spam protection. This app is free, but additional charges may apply. 

Best Shopify Apps For Shipping

Shipping is where everything happens. It’s where you will make a great customer or lose one. But no one likes to lose. That’s why you need great shipping apps that offer great deals and friendly return systems. If you want to make your customers happy, here are shipping tools to use:


Price: external shipping charges with carrier-specific rates

Free trial: the app is free to install

Best use: accessing the best shipping solutions and tracking orders

Easyship makes shipping effortless by connecting sellers to hundreds of shipping solutions and amazing rates all under one account. With this tool’s smart metrics, buyers will be able to see the upfront taxes and fees involved, delivery time and even pick a carrier they like.

There is more to this amazingly rated app. It tracks syncs and tracks all orders, monitors your shipment and auto-generates domestic return labels. The flexible shipping options, transparent tracking and abundance of carriers are some of the things that reduce customer complaints while increasing conversions.

Free Shipping Bar

Price: $9.99/month for premium version

Free trial: No, but they have a free plan

Best use: increasing order value

Free Shipping Bar provides you with a slide bar that you can use for showing offers for free shipping. It can also show messages as customers add items to their carts and congratulate your customers on getting the free shipping offer. 

This is free to install and is massively rated. But if it doesn’t meet your needs, there are other similar apps that may offer more and charge a small monthly fee. 


Price: $0.05 per label

Free trial: no, but it’s free to install

Best use: Printing shipping labels

Shippo allows you to integrate all orders on your Shopify store and print shipping labels with a single click. You can choose the dimensions of your parcels, data for pickup, type of service, your preferred carrier, and so on and your labels are provided within seconds. 

The app is free to install, but there may be additional charges. 

Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps

Dropshipping is an eCommerce model where you sell a retailers goods directly to a buyer without keeping inventory. Basically, you are a middleman who handles nothing-you just facilitate two other individuals to conduct business and keep the profit. 

This eCommerce model has its own demands and challenges and that is why you might need the following top apps:


Price: starts at $29.90 per month

Free trial: there is a free plan

Best use: Dropshipping (finding and shipping products)

Oberlo is the app you need when you want a business idea or products that sell. Using its search bar, you can access many marketplaces containing products and directly import them to your Shopify store. You might need someone to redo the product description pages in case you want to make the products compelling.

When an order comes in, Oberlo ships straight to your customers, eliminating the need for you to worry about packaging the goods and shipping them. Its system also offers detailed product statistics, order tracking, sales dashboard, fulfilment of multiple orders, and many other cool features. This app has a forever free plan that doesn’t require your credit card details. 


Price: No upfront charges. Payment depends on the order

Free trial: free to install

Best use: Printing on-demand

With the Printful app, you can sync with your store for dropshipping custom products like printed t-shirts, mugs, bags etc. The order comes through your store and goes to Printful to print and ship for you. 

This means you don’t have to deal with shipping hassles, warehousing and other tough duties. Even better, the app has over 200 products, free mockups and expert designers that can feed you with new trendy ideas. 

Best Shopify Apps for Social Media

You can no longer afford to ignore the relevance of social media in increasing conversions. 36% of internet users in the US said they use social media to do product research. Furthermore, many brands now rely heavily on social media to generate sales. If you are thinking of taking this route, here are the best apps to use:

Social Media Stream

Price: $4.95/month

Free trial: 14 days

Best use: social media posting

Social Media Stream lets you showcase your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr posts on one page. This move helps you to get more followers on your social media accounts and cut down the time you have to spend embedding posts and images. 

The tool supports any kind of media from photos, Gifs to videos. This is a one-click install and integrates with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites.

Shop Instagram & UGC

Price: $9/month

Free trial: free plan available

Best use: Selling via Instagram

Stunning Instagram images are adorable and trigger emotions. Given that people buy based on emotion, you can turn your Instagram page into a shop via Shop Instagram & UGC. The app allows you to tag images and add links that lead directly to checkout pages.

This is an enterprise-level tool with massive social commerce features. Everything that happens from impressions to purchases can be reviewed in the analytics tab. Its glowing reviews and stellar ratings say everything about its efficiency.

The list doesn’t end here. There is SocialPhotos for those who would like to reposts their clients’ product photos, Pinoculars (it’s not a typo, huh) for checking Pinterest conversions and retargeting purposes. There is also StoreYa Facebook store for those who would like to sell straight to Zuckerberg’s platform.

Best Shopify apps for Digital downloads

Digital download apps help you to sell digital products via eCommerce platforms. If you are a writer, singer, video creator, or programmer here are the apps to focus on:

Digital Downloads

Price: free

Free trial: No, because it’s free

Best use: selling digital products

Digital Downloads gives you the opportunity to include digital products in your store. Customers can have instant access to the content and any updates to the products are sent to them automatically. 

For easy inventory tracking, you are allowed to set a limit to your downloads. This prevents overuse as well. They have max GB limits so before you go gaga with the uploads, talk to customer care first. 

Sky Pilot

Price: starts at $15/month

Free trial: there is a free plan

Best use: selling digital goods

There are a lot of mixed feelings about Digital Downloads and that should be expected given it’s a free tool. If you want a paid app that gives you plenty of premium options and less headache, try Sky Pilot.

This app delivers videos and other digital products to customers right away. It also sorts them in a neat format so customers can access them later without problems. With solid file protection measures such as limited downloads and expiry date alerts, you can prevent users or scammers from overusing your products.

This app integrates with Vimeo and Charge Rabbit. 

If Sky Pilot and Digital Downloads don’t cut it, you can try SendOwl (superbly rated, by the way) and FetchApp. As at this time, others are still bleeding edge with meagre reviews and hence not advisable. 

Best Shopify Apps for Abandoned Cart

Ah, now let’s talk about the elephant in the room-Shopping cart abandonment. There are so many reasons for shopping cart abandonment. Some of them are actually very small issues that can be fixed by installing an app.

For instance, surprising a customer with a big bill at the checkout without showing how those calculations were arrived at can discourage them. Sometimes it’s the lack of a certain language or payment channels that a customer is familiar with. Here are a few apps you can use to avoid cart abandonment.

 Exit Offers

Price: $9.99

Free trial: 14 days

Best use: Offering shopping cart abandonment offers

The Exit Offers app can help to increase your sales by saving customers that are about to leave your site without making a purchase. When they add products to the shopping cart and then go to leave without finishing, this app can show them an offer that is designed to make them want to buy. 

The offer is down to you, but it could be a certain percentage off their order, free shipping, or something like it. But how do I know how much this app has made for me? Well, they have stats that you can look at. The fact that is top-rated means it is a reliable tool. The app costs $9.99 per month with a 14-day free trial. 

Recart Messenger marketing

Price: $29/month

Free trial: 28 days

Best use: Shopping cart recovery and collecting photo reviews via Facebook

Not everyone reads their email all the time. In fact, we tend to avoid the promotional folder. This means it would be good to have an app that can allow you to use a different medium. Recart Messenger Marketing is the best tool for sending abandoned cart notifications to Millenials and other Facebook lovers. 

Besides automating sales campaigns, this tool asks for reviews (when attached to Loox app) and sends receipts directly to your customers’ inbox.  Don’t even think about questioning its credibility or effectiveness because it has over 5k reviews and it’s running on over 100k stores.

Bottom Line

Shopify is like a human body or a vehicle with parts designed to perform various special tasks. Without the best apps in place, you risk losing much or even everything and this definitely leads to the closure of your store.

The best Shopify apps will help you to run your shop smoothly, avoid shopping cart abandonment, get recurring customers and grow your brand to a whole new level. The ones listed in this article will give you a good head start. 

While your choices will be limited by your budget, do not stick to free versions. Paid apps have many advanced features your store might be seriously in need of. A friendly reminder; apps can slow down your store’s speed so make sure you have only what you need. This means there is no point in keeping two apps that perform the same tasks.

What Shopify apps have you been using that improved your eCommerce experience? Let us know via the comment box below. 

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