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Norton Shopping Guarantee is based on a simple premise: when shoppers feel completely confident and secure purchasing online, they are more likely to buy, buy more often, and buy higher ticket items. By fully addressing each of the three major sources of consumer apprehension when buying online, retailers can increase profitability, provide added value to their customers and strengthen brand loyalty.

Norton Shopping Guarantee enables online merchants to provide a third-party Guaranteed Shopping program which increases buyer confidence and satisfaction. When the Guaranteed Shopping program benefits are displayed throughout the buying process, merchants reduce their buyers’ concerns about information security, product authenticity, timely delivery, and getting a good price. For online merchants, Guaranteed Shopping increases website conversion, sales and overall profitability.

By using Norton Shopping Guarantee, retailers reinforce their commitment to deliver reliable service, ensure identity security and provide their lowest price, all of which increase customer satisfaction and build long term competitive advantage. For more information please call 1-855-822-2827.

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