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Magento 2 Distance based Shipping Extension

Magento 2 Distance based Shipping Extension

Shipping is one of the powerful ecommerce factors that helps your business to get on top and shipping charges are different based on product dimension and location. Magento comes with several built-in shipping methods that allow you to charge shipping in a different way. Among all, the flat rate is a favorite shipping method of every store owner that allows you to set fixed shipping charges but sometimes it makes your customer feel unfair as the distance is not always same for all the orders. At that time, you probably need a distance based shipping method that calculates distance from your warehouse to the customer’s location and charges accordingly.
Magento 2 Distance based Shipping Extension by MageComp lets store owner charge shipping rate based distance between their warehouse to the customer’s location. Using the Official Google Map API the extension calculates distance from the source to the destination depending on the unit selection made by the admin. Also, the extension allows admin to set up minimum and maximum order amount.

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