Ecommerce Logo Designs: 7 Great Ecommerce Logo Design Ideas for Inspiration

Did you know that shoppers evaluate the credibility of an online shop by its appearance? It’s all about the first impression, and that is why your logo is vitally essential to your success.

Sadly, with the massive growth of ecommerce platforms, many people just want to jump on board and row the boat without giving more attention to the quality of their logo. They take a look at a few logo designs online, imitate them and get rolling. How do you expect to stand out from other cookie-cutter shops?

I understand ecommerce is all the rage right now and you can’t wait to join the band. However, it pays to take the time and do things right. In this article, I’m going to take you through a couple of great ecommerce logo design ideas for your inspiration.

Table of Contents:

Top Ecommerce Logo Design Ideas You Can Emulate

Log Design Tips For Ecommerce Businesses

Top Ecommerce Logo Design Ideas You Can Emulate

Are you ready to roll? Nice. I won’t keep you waiting. Let’s get the fun started.

  • Amazon

Top Logo Design - Amazon


Amazon scored big with its logo. Their design is simple but says a lot about the company. Look at the yellow arrow in the logo; it runs from A to Z which means they sell all the goods you will ever want.

Additionally, the arrow and the few letters it embraces forms something like a smiling emoji. That’s another way of Amazon assuring their customers that they will have a pleasant shopping experience.

  • FedEx

Fedex logo


Virtually every business believes in Fedex’s ability to safely ship goods to their intended destination. This American multinational delivery service bears a powerful logo that speaks volumes about their services.

The design is simple, memorable, and almost trendy with few colours. If you take a closer look between the last two letters (E and X), you will see an arrow. The arrow shows the company’s ability to ship deliveries with speed and accuracy.

  • Apple

Apple logo


Image source

Apple has one of the simplest yet elegant logo designs ever created. Hold on a second…it could actually be the most powerful logo of our time. Is there anything unusual about it? I hear you whispering “the bite.” Sure, the bite it is.

According to the logo developer- Rob Janoff, the bite was intended to differentiate the apple from cherry. But let’s dig in a little deeper. Steve Jobs is said to have been a vegan and regarded fruits as the best way to stay healthy and live a better life. Guess what, iPhones, iPads, and Macs are making our lives better.

The Apple logo is also said to bear some biblical references. Remember Adam and Eve taking a bite of the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge? In some cases, Apple considers itself a hub of knowledge worth consuming. You see, despite the symbolism being super subliminal, it still got the company to the top!

  •  eBay


eBay, Google, and Microsoft have one thing in common regarding their logos; they are simple words, with each letter in different colouring. The attractive colour palette in eBay’s logo makes it attractive and memorable.

But it’s not just about the colour. It’s also about fun and connectedness. By keeping the letters close to each other, the company is showing that its platform fosters useful interactions where buyers and sellers can meet to initiate business deals.

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

The four colours on eBay’s logo are red, blue, yellow and green. These colours are complementary and evenly spaced out on a colour wheel. Such a broad projection of colours display diversity, openness and optimism-vital attributes of global companies.

Also, in a world where people differ in “colour”, using a diverse colour palette can help a brand to appeal to many people – if not all.

Did you happen to see eBay’s previous logo? It sucked, right? The colour was too much, and the letters were not linear. After 17 years of operation, the company decided to change the design to something that is more appealing to modern practices.

  • Nike


The Nike logo is a strong icon among many people for no good reason at all. I mean it’s just a “swoosh” with no text, but it depicts the company in the best light possible. The logo is irresistible and appealing, yet it has no inherent meaning like the rest.

Believe or not, the Nike logo came at a mere $35. The company’s founder, Phil Knight, was only interested in something that could fit on a shoe – nothing fancy. It’s mind-boggling how that simple check mark sign rose to become one of the most iconic pieces of history.

  • Uber


Uber is a big hit. Virtually everyone has taken a ride in one of their cars and arrived at their destination, safe and sound. Now, when it comes to logo, theirs is a bit controversial – which is exactly the reason I want it to be here.

You see, Uber switched their complex logo for something that is “beyond simple.” It’s just the word Uber written in plain white font on a dark background! While some people have been quick to pin it as underwhelming, the company interest was to look simple and appealing to many nations they offer their services to.

Sophisticated logos can look cool, but the question is, will all your customers understand its meaning? Will it load quickly on mobile devices? Those are some of the things you need to keep in mind. There is a caveat to simple logos, though- they can come off as cheap, and that can display a lack of diligence in a company’s dealings.

  • The Healthy Mummy


Forget about Amazon, Google, and Uber’s simple logos. Let’s look at The Healthy Mummy’s complex but charming logo of its name with a happy mum (and her kid) in it. Basically, any mum in need of their services will foresee how happy she will be eventually by just familiarizing with the logo.

The cool and creative design of The Healthy Mummy is the way to go if you are hoping to make it in a heavily saturated niche like weight loss. Such a contextual rich top logo design will help you stand out and appeal to many of your competitor’s clients. Just don’t overdo and end up with graffiti work for a logo.

I hope these few listings will inspire you to come up with the best logo design that will help you market your brand to a wider audience. Now, the next section will teach you some of the best practices to stick to while creating your brand’s logo.

Logo Design Tips For Ecommerce Businesses

By now you know how crucial it is to have a unique but professional looking logo. If your bottom line is not improving even after tweaking your homepage and hiring the best SEO experts, it could be time to look at your logo. Here are a few design tips to help you get things right.

  • Keep it simple


Yeah, we can keep it simple, and things would still work out just okay. Take a look at some of the logo designs we’ve talked about; they are not complicated. The Nike “Swoosh” is a simple “check mark” that we have seen and keep seeing. Uber has seen massive success with a simple phrase and Amazon is still at the top of the ecommerce food chain with a lesser graphical logo.

Albeit it’s of utmost importance, a logo is simply a small part of a huge marketing plan. Other things like faster shipping times and excellent customer support will amplify your business’ net worth. Here are a few reasons why your logo would be better off in a stripped down format:

  • It’s easy to read and remember
  • Your site will have faster page load times
  • The text-based logo comes up in the web URL which makes your site easy to search
  • Use images wisely


Image Source

What comes to your mind when you think of Amazon? The small yellow arrow, right? Those shopping at The Healthy Mummy usually see the image of the jumping lady with her crawling baby, and when someone mentions Twitter, we recall the small blue bird.

So when people mention your brand, what image would you like them to associate it with? You need to think of something that is uniquely tied to your product. While we are still at that, it’s vital to point out that the image needs to be clean with a minimalistic design.

  • Optimize for mobile

With the rise in online shopping, a lot of priority has been given to mobile devices. People like to shop while on the go, and if you don’t optimize your site to capture them, they will go elsewhere. This means you will lose both traffic and sales.

When designing e-commerce logos, bear in mind their scalability. A logo should load faster on mobile devices and be visible as well. And hey, you know what, you can have an alternative logo that scales better on social media for more engagement. Make sure it differs very little from the one on your site to avoid confusion.

  • Find what works well for you and stick to it

Brands are usually recognized for consistency. Despite their rapid growth and the constant need to re-invent themselves, many don’t change their logo so much. But why? Because their customers are already attached to the logo and losing it would be losing them.

Take Nike, Twitter, eBay and Facebook, for instance. Their logo has always changed in little ways – like the colour change, realignment and sometimes, addition or removal of unique selling proposition phrases.


  • Versatility

A versatile logo can help you take your business to greater heights. Such a logo is one that can be used on the site and printed on package goods as well. If you decide to go for such a multipurpose design, then it better be less complicated.


  • Avoid the common pitfalls

Creating and launching a logo can be a smooth process for experts. But for newbies, some things can crop up and mar the user experience. Some of the common design issues include:

  • the logo fails to stand out(because it’s got the same colour as the theme of your site)
  • poor placement such that some section gets cut off
  • the logo looks different on mobile and desktop devices
  • the logo is blurry
  • the logo is too big or too small

Bottom Line

This is it, folks. We’ve gone through a list of the best logo designs in the ecommerce realm that have steered brands to the top. I hope this has inspired you to come up with your own unique top logo design.

Do not create a logo just for the sake of it. Look here-  JP Morgan Chase has one that showcases their authority in the financial realm. FedEx’s logo screams speed and efficiency. What will yours say about your ecommerce business? You need to think about that.

Now, before we close the curtains, here are a few takeaways to keep at the back of your mind:

  • Well-designed logos take a lot of hard work to create
  • They should be simple, beautiful and establish your brand identity in the best way possible
  • Feel free to be creative and experiment with different logo styles until you find something that appeals to your mode of business. Be cautious not to go overboard with your designs. It always helps to take inspiration from the top logo designs.

That’s it for today. Do let us know in the comment section which designs amongst the ones discussed inspired you the most.


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