eCommerce Service Providers


Open Source – A term given to software whose original source code is made available to the public, and it may be modified, changed and/or redistributed.

On-site Search – The search bar usually located in the top right hand corner of a website. It is usually the second most visited area of any website.

Order Confirmation Page – The page where details of a customer order is provided, and acknowledging next steps in their buying process, which is usually to state that the customer will receive an order confirmation email with the same details.

One Step Checkout – A fast and easy method to purchase. The idea is to get the customer through the checkout quickly, painlessly and avoid them having to load multiple pages or be overwhelmed by many steps. What it’s good for: lower price points, flash sales, tech savvy customers, frequent repeat purchases, and mobile shoppers.

Order Fulfilment – This is how an order you make through any channel is ultimately received by the seller, processed in their system and then delivered to you.

Order History – A detailed account of what a customer has ordered in the past.

Outsource – hiring third party providers to handle elements or functions of your business on your behalf, outsourcing is commonplace in ecommerce, on everything from web design to logistics and fulfilment.

Organic: In the context of search engine optimization and search engine marketing, organic results are those listings search engines show because of their relevance to a query, not because a site owner paid for an ad or paid to be featured.

Overhead: The ongoing expenses associated with operating a business.

Operating Regulations – The rules that are set in place to govern payment system participants, these regulations including the acceptance and exchange of transaction, the security of data and cards, the price of transactions, and the system membership

OpenCart OpenCart is one of the worlds leading open source ecommerce platforms, helping tens of thousands of merchants sell products online.

osCommerce provides you the tools to set up your very own complete and self-hosted online store and website for free to securely sell products and services to customers worldwide.

OroCommerce – OroCommerce, a pioneering B2B-focused e-Commerce software platform, will redefine the benchmarks for best-in-class customer experience practices.