eCommerce Service Providers


Long Tail – Long tail is the phrase used to describe individual, highly specific keywords and search terms, which in volume can add up to a significant amount of traffic. Think of Amazon – millions of product pages each attracting even just a handful of visitors every month can soon add up into substantial traffic flows and sales.

Landing Pages – a landing page is a page your customers will land on, either from paid traffic or search traffic, designed to maximise the chances of conversion on a desired action. In some cases, a landing page will be used to capture email addresses, or will simply pitch a product directly to the website visitor.

Logistics – logistics is the process of getting your stock in and out, turning around the stuff you buy into the stuff you sell to your customers. Logistics proves an increasing challenge as your business scales, and many ecommerce businesses choose to outsource their logistics function.

Limited Liability Company (LLC): A business structure that blends some of the best elements of a partnership and a corporation.

Linking Root Domains: In search engine optimization, when site A links to site B one or more times, site A is said to be a linking root domain. Linking root domains — in the plural — are the total number of unique sites that link one or more times to a given website.

Liquidator: A company that purchases closeout products for the purpose of resale.

Listing Fees: Marketplaces and online auction sites, like eBay, may charge a nominal listing fee for posting products.

Long-Tail Variations – In search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, Long-Tail variations are keywords similar in meaning or root to other high-volume keywords, but less competitive. Long-Tail variations are often employed when a business is just starting out and cannot gain traction or afford to bid on top performing keywords.

Long-Tail Traffic – Website traffic derived from Long-Tail variation keywords or from niche searches and keywords in general.

Lemonstand – LemonStand is a refreshingly customizable eCommerce platform for fast growing online retail brands.