eCommerce Service Providers


Dropshipping – A type of ecommerce arrangement where the manufacturer or distributor ships directly to your customers, often in generic packaging. This means you don’t hold stock, but expect to pay a greater cost per item sold.

Digital Commerce – Digital commerce is a term that is being used to describe the wider digital ecosystem as it pertains to ecommerce. This ecosystem considers the entire path-to-purchase which could include user behaviour on search engines, social platforms, owned brand properties, digital assistants, mobile apps and other emerging channels.

DirectoriesSites that list and link to other sites, including online stores, are referred to as directories.

Discount Code: A series of numbers and/or letters that an online shopper may enter at checkout to get a discount or other special offer. Discount codes may also be called coupon codes.

Distributor: A distribution business that inventories products from a number of manufacturers and sells to many retailers. Often distributors are able to offer shorter lead times than manufacturers and may sell in smaller quantities. It is common for distributors to charge a premium over a manufacturer-direct price for the service and convenience provided.

Domain: The root address for a web page.

Drupal Commerce – Drupal Commerce is revolutionary software integrating commerce, content and community to create engaging Web experiences that bring e-retailers more traffic to drive more results