3 Reasons to Data Clean your Ecommerce Customer & Product Data

Regardless of how many products you have or how many customers you have in your CRM or Ecommerce platform (eg Shopify, SAP Hybris, Magento , Volusion) keeping your data clean can help not only provide better analytics but also improve your marketing and sales. Here are just some reasons to keep your data cleaned:

1)    Analytics – In order to do proper analysis, you need to have data. Your data should be complete, consistent, current and correct. For your product analysis, if you do not have proper product category or product sub-category it is impossible to do any analytics on what product types are selling well. For example, let’s say your website is selling T-shirts only. Your product category could be children, women or men. But your sub-category could be slim fit, seasonal, basic and so on. If you were missing data or did not have any classifications, it would be hard to see if slim fit is trending for men or is seasonal products sell better around Christmas time. All you would be able to tell is that T-Shirt, Woman’s size Small that is Slim Fit had 2 sales. Therefore, it is important to have proper product categories to run analysis.

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2)    E-Mail Marketing – Email marketing relies on e-mails, customer or prospect data and perhaps even purchase history to be effective. If you have duplicate email addresses or prospects/customers in your marketing campaign you would be emailing them twice. And what’s worst is you may even send different promotional offers to the same person without realizing! If you have not done so you, de-duping your customer and prospect lists should be your top priority.

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3)    Product Management – The way you organize your Ecommerce site can mean a difference between making a sale or not. Once your customers have found the product they were looking for, next the product description comes into place. If you do not have accurate or filled in information, it could mean not making a sale or worst expensive returns. For example, if a company is selling pillows and ships items based on item #. The customer may order red pillow but receive blue instead because the description was wrong. Therefore, you need to make sure that the data on your website matches the actual product.

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In conclusion, it is important to make sure you have complete, current, correct and consistent data in your CRM and eCommerce platform. If you are looking to data clean your product or customer data, you can contact a reputable data cleansing company.

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